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Holding the National Seminar on Urban Mobility in 2013 was a gratifying challenge. More than 850 attendees and renowned speakers made it the biggest event of the year in the country. This year the challenge is even greater – to consolidate the event as an urban mobility benchmark and finally place it into the CAU, AEA/SJCampos and the country’s events calendar. 
Who should we plan cities for? People or cars? Seeking new paths with sustainable urban mobility plans should also entail the environmental impact reduction if we consider that cities are responsible for two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions.
Soil sealing for the construction of avenues, waterway piping or even the burying of water veins and springs by roadbeds today cause the lack of once-plentiful water.
What is the role of the architect and urbanist in this context? How to change the current urban design paradigm so that the human being is the subject and quality of life is the predicate?
As well as the visible need to rethink urban mobility in major urban centers, the Urban Mobility Law (Law no. 12.587/12), which determines the prioritization of non-motorized vehicles and public transport, the definition of pollutant emission standards, the social participation and control in its supervision, city planning and its integration with planning and mobility policies forces cities with more than 20 thousand inhabitants to develop, by 2015, Urban Mobility Plans integrated and compatible with their respective master plans. 
It is with this purpose in mind that the Association of Engineers and Architects of São José dos Campos (AEA/SJCampos), by holding the International Seminar on Urban Mobility with the support of the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo (CAU-SP), assumes the responsibility of debating with specialist professionals and society the different paths and the importance of developing sustainable, integrated planning and mobility plans. 
The International Seminar on Urban Mobility is an opportunity for us to discuss the question which is relevant to all of us and is recognized by society – the need to rethink the way we live in cities, with more quality of life, more green spaces, less emission, less cars and diverse transport modes.
Professionals, students, public managers and society representatives, AEA/SJCampos senior management and the organizing committee salute you and wish you a rewarding seminar. Welcome!
São José dos Campos, 01 September 2014
Carlos Vilhena, Civil Eng.
President - AEA/SJCampos

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