Alessandro Germano has over 15 years’ professional experience in the areas of innovation, new business development, partnership management and start-ups. He currently manages the strategic partnership area for a broad portfolio of products at Google Brazil, among which are the ones related to Google Maps. He is responsible for the development of multiple partnerships in this area with government bodies at all levels and with the most diverse companies. Alessandro is an electrical engineer from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (USP), a master in business administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP) and holds a specialization degree in innovation from Stanford University.



Alexandre Sansão Fontes, engineer, 44 years old, public servant at Rio de Janeiro City Council since 1996, where he held the post of Traffic Information Manager of CET-Rio (Traffic Engineering Company of Rio de Janeiro). He assisted on the creation of Mayor Eduardo Paes’ government program, and was Secretary of Transport for the City of Rio de Janeiro from 2009 to 2012, then Transport Executive Undersecretary at the Transport Secretariat of the City of Rio de Janeiro from 2012 to March 2014 and has since returned to the post of Secretary of Transport for the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Awards/Titles: Master in Transport Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ (Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering)

Scientific papers/projects presented:

“A contribution to the handling of available data at traffic management government agencies to evaluate speed surveillance” - ANPET Congress, 2008.

“A new model for the Traffic Accident Registry Report Form in Rio de Janeiro” - ANPET Congress, 2001.

“Road System Performance Indicators for the City of Rio de Janeiro” - ANPET Congress, 2001.

“A contribution to the modelling of travel mode choices for the journey to work” – Master’s Thesis - COPPE/PET/UFRJ – 1997.



A renowned professional in creative economy, cities and business, Ana Carla is a Public Administrator (FGV), a Master in Administration, a Doctor of Urbanism (USP) and teacher in Brazil (FGV), Argentina and Spain. She has led projects in multinational corporations for 15 years in Latin America, London and Milan. She is the director of Garimpo de Soluções (Solutions Mine), consultant and speaker in five idioms and 29 countries and advisor for the UN. She’s written pioneering books, such as Culture Economy and Sustainable Development (2007 Jabuti Award) and Creative Cities (2013 Jabuti Finalist); she was also the editor for innovative books – Creative Economy as a Development Strategy and Creative Cities – Perspectives. She is the mentor of urban intelligence projects (Sampa CriAtiva), curator in international congresses, member of UNESCO International Pool of Cultural Experts and a council member of Página 22, Virada Sustentável, Minha Sampa and of the Creative Industries Development Agency (England). She was awarded the 2013 Claudia Magazine Award in the Business category and indicated by El País as one of eight Brazilian personalities that impress the world.




Civil Engineer from the University of Taubaté – UNITAU, Traffic Management and Standardization Specialist from CEAT and Urban Mobility Planning Specialist from Nove de Julho University. Currently acting as São José dos Campos Transport Director, Athanasía has been working in the Traffic, Transport and Urban Mobility sector since 2006. She has been at the Secretariat of Transport for seven years and has taken part in the development of strategic projects linked to Urban Mobility in partnership with IPPLAN (Research, Management and Planning Institute) which include, among others, the Bus Corridor Project; the Origin/Destination Search Project; the Transport System Capacity Calculation Project; the TRM (Rapid Traffic System) Project with the use of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit); Transport System Restructuring, Cycling, Bike Sharing and Urban Mobility projects.



Born in Curitiba, 56 years old, 2 children

Mechanical Engineer from the Federal University of Paraná, with Post Graduation in Planning from the FAE and MBA in Business Management from the Dom Cabral Foundation. Ayrton has been working for the last 30 years in the automotive sector, of which 25 years have been at Volvo Brazil, where he was a manager for Strategic Product Planning, Sales Engineering and Latin America Truck and Bus Exports. As a Volvo executive he was an active participant on the implementation of major BRT projects in Latin America, such as the TransMilenio in Bogotá and the TranSantiago in Chile, among others. For five years he worked as Executive Director of Setransp- the Association of Urban Transport Companies in Curitiba. He is one of the authors of Intelligent Mobility, a book recently published by Volvo Bus.

Currently he is the manager in charge of Volvo Bus Latin America Urban Mobility program.



2002 to date - Consultant and teacher on precast concrete pavement and public space design and building, working with precast concrete suppliers, designers, builders and users, public institutions, NGOs, planners, urbanists and architects, as CEGMENT Precast Engineering for Public Spaces.

Germán has written a number of papers, documents and books on the topics mentioned and has led degree projects at Colombian universities, as well as being a collaborator in publications both in Colombia and Brazil. He has presented papers and projects in 105 cities from 26 countries and supplied consulting services to Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama and the USA.

He has been MANAGER and CO-AUTHOR (alongside architect Giovanna V. Spera) of the Manual for the Design and Construction of Urban Space Components (MEP), which integrates urban design and technical concepts for the rational development of public space projects, including the concerns with physical disabilities, sustainability, safety, economy, etc.

Germán has also taken part in the design of more than 250,000 m² of public space in the last 12 years with different architects.

In Medellín, he has been an advisor to the Urban Development Company – EDU (recently on the Medellín Green Belt project), the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley – ÁREA (public space facing the river) and the Medellín METRO (Evaluation and proposals for the recomposition and renovation of public spaces associated with the Medellín Metro system).

1988 to date - Latin America Representative on the Small Element Pavement Technologists (SEPT) International Committee, responsible for International Conferences and Workshops on Concrete Block Paving.

1996-2002 - President of the Precast Concrete Committee at ICONTEC - the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification, having developed more than 30 standards on precast elements and related areas. 

1981-2002 – Technical Department Director at ICPC - the Colombian Institute of Cement Producers, dedicated to the development of cement applications, with emphasis on the standardization, promotion and education on precast concrete, particularly concrete pavers, blocks and elements for public spaces.

Born and resident in Medellín, Colombia: Civil Engineer and Master in Science from the University of Medellín (Colombia) and Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA).


Architect from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - UPB of Medellín, Colombia. 

Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Rome (Italy); Urbanism PhD scholarship for a brief period at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona – Spain) and researcher in the Laboratory of Urbanism at the same university.

Giovanna has been working as an architect since 1990. 

Since 1995, she has been a teacher of Urbanism and Project Workshops at UPB’s School of Architecture. 

Between 1998 and 2003 she worked as coordinator of the Laboratory of Architecture and Urbanism – LAUR at UPB’s School of Architecture – FAUPB, on the coordination of consultancy and research projects in urban themes, specifically city intervention and urban design. During this period, the highlights were the Alpujarra II Plan at Barefoot Park (Parque de los Pies Descalzos), with an Honorable Mention at the XVIII Colombian Biennial of Architecture in the Urban Design category and the Manual for the Design and Construction of Urban Space Components (MEP). Between 2004 and 2012, Giovanna was an advisor on Metropolitan Planning Guidelines and on the creation of Metropolitan Project Strategies for the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area. 

From 2004 to 2011, she created, together with architect Juan Esteban Arteaga, the architecture and urbanism office s+arquitectos, specializing in urban design, development and creation of public space partial plans and projects, in addition to urban projects and projects for institutional and public buildings.

In October 2006 they were awarded the Leopoldo Rother National Architecture Award at the XX Biennial of Architecture in the Regional and Urban Planning category with the project “Gran Manzana Simesa Partial Plan” in Medellín. Also at this Biennial, they received the Karl Brunner Honourable Mention in the Urban Design and Landscaping category with the project “Castilla Walk – The Castilla Terraces” in Medellín. In May 2009 they were nominated for the Lápiz de Acero 2009 Prize in the Public Space category with the Urban & Landscaping Project for Oriental Avenue in Medellín. In 2010, they were awarded the Lápiz de Acero 2010 Prize in the Public Space category with the Ciudad del Río Park project.

Currently Giovanna is an advisor for the Antioquia Housing Company VIVA in the Planning Sub-directorate on the development of housing projects in Antioquia, as well as advisor for the City of Medellín Planning Department on the creation of Strategic Intervention Areas in the context of Spatial Planning Review.

She has been a guest teacher at numerous universities in Colombia and a guest speaker at conferences in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, among other countries.


Margaret Mussoi Luchetta Groff, Executive Financial Director of Itaipu Binacional, is a Civil Engineer from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), with Post-Graduation in Economics Engineering (UNIFAE), MBA in Finance (UFPR) and MBA in Business Management (ESADE/Barcelona, Spain).

Working at Itaipu since 1987, in addition to her activities as Director, she also promotes actions for the Gender Equality Program at Itaipu and coordinates the Itaipu-Health Working Group and the Management Committee for the Itaipu Electric Vehicle Project. Margaret is a member of numerous Administrative and/or Advisory Councils at companies and other institutions. She is the founder and current president of Espaço das Mulheres Executivas do Paraná ("Executive Women's Venue"), president of the Fraternidade do Grande Oriente do Brasil-Paraná and vice president of the Coge Foundation Council. Margaret represents Itaipu in the Leadership Group for the Women’s Empowerment Principles – WEPs, an initiative from the UN Global Compact and UN Women. 

She was recognized in 2007 by Gazeta Mercantil newspaper as the Most Influential Woman in Brazil in the Economy and Finance category. She was also awarded the Oslo Business for Peace Award 2013, granted by the Nobel Peace and Nobel Economics Prize Committee. Margaret created the WEPs Brazil Award 2014.


Engineer from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FEI), with a specialization course in Biomechanics from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and a university extension in Marketing from the University of California in the USA.

Thomaz currently works as urban logic consultant at the Nucleus of Research in Technology of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo (NUTAU-USP).

He is the founder and president of Urban Systems Brasil, a consultancy company in operation for 15 years, specializing in Urban Logic, business intelligence and investment risk analysis, where he has carried out urban and economic development projects, such as the Circuito de Compras (‘Buying Circuit’) in São Paulo, Porto Maravilha (‘Wonderful Port’) in Rio de Janeiro, Granja Marileusa in Uberlândia, Confins Aerotropolis in Belo Horizonte, Viracopos Aerotropolis in Campinas, Aerovale in Caçapava and accessory revenue projects for Line 18 of São Paulo Metro system and for Belo Horizonte Urban Bus Terminals.



Civil engineer from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) with a Master’s degree from the Centre for Transport Studies (the Netherlands). Warner is the founder of IFluxo, a company based in Rio de Janeiro, which provides consultancy services in the transport sector for government bodies and public transport companies. IFluxo’s objective is the creation of an infrastructure which makes bicycles and public transport become viable alternatives to cars. The bicycle for short distance trips – within the neighborhoods – and the “bicycle-public transport” integration for long distance journeys between neighborhoods. In other words, the creation of an integrated and sustainable urban mobility system.



A 44 year-old advertising professional, Wilson is a businessman with an entrepreneurial/innovative profile. He has been dedicating his time to rethinking cities with a sustainable approach for more than ten years. In the last three years he worked as Planning and Development Secretary at the Seropédica City Council in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where he conceived the "Seropédica – Looking to the Future" project and managed professionals from different areas working on the development of this dream. He was a pioneer on the use of the "Charrette Meeting" tool as a collaborative project management system, analyzing, debating and planning a city for the next 30 years.

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